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Optimum Performance Solutions doesn't believe in generic answers. We believe in providing client specific services and solutions. Our clients range from small family-run businesses to divisions of large Fortune 500 companies. Let us design a plan to satisfy your specific needs and maximize your profitability, value, effectiveness, and efficiency.
It was a difficult decision to sell our insurance agencies, but after the death of several long time agency partners it was time to stop discussing who, how and when and take action. We found the process daunting until I remembered that I had taken your CIC class on the subject a few years back. I reviewed the material and notes again and then gave you a call. Things went much smoother after that call. It was helpful to get advice from our legal counsel, but also critical to get real world advice from someone like you that has been teaching the subject for many years. You were right there with great advice when we needed you. You encouraged us to make our choice and then not look back on that decision. Thanks from all our partners at both agencies for your help and guidance. If anyone would like to speak to us about your expertise and service have them call me
Tom Bradshaw
Halton Hall & Associates
Fort Worth, TX
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