"Providing insurance
professionals with the
information and advice they
need to make informed,
intelligent decisions"

We closed on the sale of the agency in March 2014.  Everything went well, in no small part due to Jon's counsel and advice.  I am glad I attended the CIC class where we met otherwise I would have had to retain a local consultant, rather than an Expert in the insurance industry.  Should I have the opportunity in the future of speaking to other agency owners looking to sell or buy I would be pleased to recommend you to them.

Gordon Miller, CIC
Allied / Mid-towne Insurance Group
Brookfield, WI

We had a staff meeting yesterday and the staff was all very excited and enlightened by Becky's training.  They had several "AHA" moments.  They felt you were very knowledgeable and understanding of their day to day tasks.  You did not try to put expectations on them that were unreasonable.  They really connected with you and your training.  We are already on our way to implementing several of your suggestions.

I could not be more pleased with the results.  I look forward to touching base with you in a few months to share our successes and to set up some additional training.  We can never stop learning and growing.

Thank you for simply being you. A knowledgeable, professional consultant who truly cares about the success of our agency. THANK YOU!

Tami Karol, President
Tami Karol Insurance
Stuart, FL

Jon, You're good at what you do & very professional. If I ever have the opportunity to refer you, consider it done!

Ronnie Grubbs
Ronnie Grubbs Insurance, Inc.
Bradenton, FL

When my wife and I decided it was time to sell our agency I knew that the days of one or two times commissions were long gone and we\'re in the age of multiples of EBITDA and other accounting terms I didn\'t quite understand. I also was concerned that once I started marketing my agency that my competitors would start soliciting my best accounts.

I started doing research on the internet and found several helpful articles written by Jon Persky. It was clear from the articles that he was experienced in marketing agencies and had done numerous transactions for others. It also helped that as a CPA and Jon understands all of the accounting and tax issues that are important concerns when selling your agency. After numerous long discussions and checking with many of his former clients I asked Jon to help me sell my agency.

Jon is the ultimate professional. He was able to locate a regional agency that would pay me a fair price, keep my office open, retain my staff and allow me to continue working as long as I like. He also was able to keep the sale quiet until after the sale. With Jon's help the sale went off without a hitch. I would not have been able to sell my agency and achieved these nearly perfect results without Jon's help. Jon has my unqualified recommendation.

Donald W. Whitacre, CPCU
Whitacre-McNamara Insurance Services
Mt. Zion, IL

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your services: coaching, negotiating, and guiding me through what could have been, but wasn't, a very rough transition. Your skills in crucial areas of valuation, assembling our portfolio, and presentation were essential to achieving our goals, and we were able to do so on our terms and timing.

Alan Zalewski
Group Services Northwest
Tacoma, WA

Jon, thank you for everything. You have truly been a Godsend and I'm extremely grateful to have you in my corner.

Phil Bilello
TMC Group of Companies
Melville, NY

Since Becky completed a Workflow assessment with recommendations & “Back to Basics” Boot Camp staff training, we’ve implemented many of her ideas and suggestions. Things are going so well, and we’re leaner, faster, and more efficient. The staff is happier, more productive and working better together. My reporting and communication efforts have improved which seem to help us all stay focused and informed. I really think we’re moving in the right direction. Thanks again!!

Update: Our agency is doing quite well despite COVID-19 and all the changes going on in the SC marketplace. My ladies are adjusting just fine and we’ve made many changes this year - all as a result of your coaching and support. Our production numbers are better than any year we’ve been in business. And thanks to COVID-19, our bottom line looks nice. The plan seems to be working nicely.

Angela P. Chandler, Managing Partner
Lowcountry Insurance
Pawleys Island, SC

Now that the dust has settled after the sale of the two agencies, I want to thank you so much for your invaluable help throughout the process. We made a very good choice when we hired you and we are very grateful for your excellent knowledge, advice and expertise in many areas.

Ed and Marcia Ellett
Ellet Insurance & LG Edwards Agency
Gainesville, FL

It was a difficult decision to sell our insurance agencies, but after the death of several long time agency partners it was time to stop discussing who, how and when and take action. We found the process daunting until I remembered that I had taken your CIC class on the subject a few years back. I reviewed the material and notes again and then gave you a call. Things went much smoother after that call. It was helpful to get advice from our legal counsel, but also critical to get real world advice from someone like you that has been teaching the subject for many years. You were right there with great advice when we needed you. You encouraged us to make our choice and then not look back on that decision. Thanks from all our partners at both agencies for your help and guidance. If anyone would like to speak to us about your expertise and service have them call me

Tom Bradshaw
Halton Hall & Associates
Fort Worth, TX

Jon, I appreciate your help and guidance through the process of selling my agency. When I look back to the beginning of the process, I realize how different it could have been if I had used someone other than you. Your guidance from the beginning was perfect.

Alan Shetley
Econo-Wise Insurance Agency
Oklahoma City, OK

Jon Persky of Optimum Performance worked with me on the sale of my Agency. What a professional! I cannot speak highly enough about Jon. He was there all along the way – from beginning to end. Always great about explaining where we were going and how we were going to get there. And it happened just as he said! If I had a question, he was always prompt with his reply, not the next day or the day after that. Jon has been thru this many times before, and I always felt confident that he knew what he was doing. I also felt Jon would broker the best sale for my Agency, and and he did just that! Jon Persky Rocks!

Pat Amberg
Amberg Insurance Center
Punta Gorda, FL

WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS SALE WITHOUT JON!! Jon’s counsel helped us stay on track to achieve our goals. He was by our side crunching the numbers while also being personally uplifting in times of deadlines by simplifying the tasks requested by the buyer. Jon made us feel like he was truly working in our agency and we felt we just inherited a key member! THANK YOU JON WE ARE SO HAPPY!

Joe & Rena Stagliano
Superior Benefits
Tampa, FL

The professionalism that you bring to the table, not only with the report you have produced, but also the advice / direction that you presented over the phone was very refreshing for us all.

D. Brandon Frith
Insurepointe of Texas, Inc.
Houston, TX

Becky has provided me invaluable consulting advice over the years. She has been able to give me the proper direction and strategic plans that have allowed my operation to grow tremendously and profitably. She understood the ever changing insurance business and knew what was needed at the different stages of growth. Thanks to Becky and her consulting expertise, my agency continues to flourish even in today's tough market conditions.

Joseph Meder
Jr.Atlantic Insurance Partners Inc.
Stuart, FL

Jon Persky is a wealth of information. I attended one of his seminars last year on Agency Perpetuation and was very impressed with his knowledge. I reached out to him with some questions I had. He was very giving of information and helped me to see clearly the pluses and minuses of my agency. He gave me things to not only think about but practical things to check into that could help me when the time comes to sell.
You can be sure I will come back to him when the time is right to sell my agency. I appreciate his honesty and respect his insights.

Kathy Roe
More Choices Insurance Agency, LLC
Roseville, CA

Becky's Loss Ratio/Profitability review helped our agency uncover over $100,000 of claims money in one year that was improperly coded to our Loss Ratio instead of being correctly coded as catastrophe losses. That money allowed me to be eligible for an Awards & Recognition trip that we wouldn’t have otherwise qualified. I would say that is a pretty big testimonial!

Paula Ratliff
Paula Ratliff Agency, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Selling a business is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most of us. Needless to say, when my time came, I didn’t know where to start! Service provided by Optimum Performance Solutions was both timely and responsive, and Jon’s expertise and experience in our specific industry gave me confidence in the overall process. Overall, their service was invaluable. Couldn’t have done it without them!

Sean McGhee
McGhee Insurance
Tucson, AZ

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your guidance and counsel during the negotiations related to the sale of our agency. As you know, I heard two of your presentations on Agency Mergers and Acquisitions at separate CIC Institutes a number of years back. I was impressed enough to retain your information sensing that you would be an excellent resource "if the day ever comes". Well, the day came quite unexpectedly in 2007 and proved to be a quality opportunity that we couldn't pass up.

My decision to give you a call last January was one of the best things I did during this process. I knew early on that I had made the right decision. I don't recall ever sending you an email without receiving an answer within 24 hours if not the ensuing 10 minutes All of your recommendations were right on the money and served to keep discussions with our prospective buyer (now owner) fruitful and productive.

David Haley
Munsey & Brazil
Laconia, NH

I first met Jon at a seminar on Agency Perpetuation.  The timing was right as I was considering selling our agency and many of his ideas and thoughts hit home.  I always thought when the time came I would turn to our association for a referral and select the very best individual and Jon certainly fit the bill.  You cannot afford mistakes when it comes to buying or selling your agency as this is your past, present and future. 

The process can be very complicated due to tax laws, regulations, privacy concerns, confidentiality agreements, continually having to gather more info, etc. and I would never recommend attempting this on your own.

Jon is a true professional and worked very well with my attorney and CPA which helped ease the process. He also helped ease the strain on me personally because selling your agency can be fairly stressful as I found out. In the end he was able to find what we consider a perfect match and I am very grateful. I would recommend his services to anyone!

Jeffrey Bartholomew
Bartholomew & Son Insurance Agency
Valparaiso, IN

I want to express my appreciation for your help and expertise in my recent agency acquisition. I was not surprised that you were able to put me in touch with the perfect prospect, but I was amazed that you got us together, helped us work through all of our concerns, put me in touch with the right financial consultants and got everything closed in an amazingly short time. Your advice and your input to me and to the seller, as well as to the attorneys and accountants involved made the whole process painless and relieved much of the stress involved with this type of transaction.
I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is interested in either buying or selling an agency. We could not have found a better or more professional or knoweldgeable to consultant.

Joel Shapiro
Shapiro Insurance Group
Jacksonville, FL

Jon helped us with a book of business acquisition and producer agreements.  During our first call, Jon quickly discovered our unique situation and was already providing solutions.  He was easy to communicate with because he understands the constant shifts and challenges in our industry.  He thinks like an agency owner.  Jon provided agreements tailored to our circumstances sooner than promised.  Our employment practices attorney reviewed the documents and made almost no changes and commented that the agreements were very well drafted.  What a great professional and helpful resource.  Thank you! 

John DiGerolamp, CIC
DFI Preferred Insurance
Norco, California

When my partner decided to sell his interest in our agency to me, we knew we wanted to deal with someone who would look out for the interests of both parties. At first, we consulted with an attorney who specialized in business transfers – however, we soon found out that he did not know the first thing about insurance agencies or their valuation.
Jon was extremely knowledgeable and creative. He worked extremely hard to make sure the deal was fair and worked for both parties. As with all deals, there were some sticky issues that Jon helped us to resolve.

When the time comes to sell my interest in the agency, the first call I will be making will be to Jon. No one knows more about valuations and transfers of insurance agencies than Jon.

Scott Purdy
Hatter Williams & Purdy Inc.
Oceanside, CA

As an agency, it is critical that we operate in the most effective and profitable way possible to protect the interest of our customers, staff and carriers. Becky was able to provide us focused direction in target marketing, field underwriting, retention efforts, and the most efficient use of our staff’s time. This allowed us to become a more productive and profitable agency. She provided hands-on staff training resulting in quality growth which allows us to maximize our contingency commissions year after year. We appreciated the dedication and commitment she gave our agency team to succeed.

John Jacobs
Jacobs Insurance, Inc.
West Palm Beach, FL

After receiving what we felt was a weak and negative valuation from the prospective buyer’s appraiser, we decided to contact Jon Persky of Optimum Performance Solutions. We were familiar with his publications, had heard his presentations at CIC seminars, and felt his expertise was needed.
Jon conducted a thorough review and prepared a very complete and professional document that provided us with the data needed to negotiate a very satisfactory and fair value that both parties could accept. Jon’s counsel to our CPA gave him crucial support and advice while finalizing our deal. Optimum Performance Solutions IS the best in the agency valuation business!

Larry Durocher
Monterey Insurance Agencies
Monterey, CA

Optimum Performance Solutions gave me peace of mind when selling my husband’s agency after his untimely death. Their experience and knowledge helped me make difficult business decisions and complete the agency sale in a much needed timely fashion. Not only did Jon & Becky assist me with this huge financial decision, but they also were able to handle each & every detail, with every party involved, including the buyer, the attorneys and the CPAs. They certainly represented me with my best interest in mind!

Lauri McMillen
Don McMillen Insurance Agency
Port Charlotte, FL

After Becky came in and taught the "Back to Basics Boot Camp" to our agency staff, our sales closing ratio increased 58% (7 points) when compared to the previous quarter. The role playing really uncovered opportunities for improvement and made a huge difference in my staff after the training was over. The training paid for itself in less than three months!

Karyn Seibert Roeling, CPCU
Vice President, Seibert Insurance Agency
Tampa, FL

All of the personal lines team at Keller-Leopold were very impressed with Becky, her presentation style and the value of the material in her "Back to Basics" Boot Camp Workshop. Several staff members have already applied some of the ideas and concepts with great success. It was great to hear everyone so excited! We are going to make it a part of our regularly monthly meeting agenda. Thank you!

Eric Keller, Co-Owner
Keller Leopold Insurance, Inc.
Garden City, KS

I have worked with Optimum Performance Solutions since 1998.... Since that time, Jon has provided valuations and advice regarding deal structure for several proposed acquisitions. Jon has also been a valuable resource regarding industry practices and developments. His even-handed approach to valuation has made the documents a valuable tool in negotiations, allowing for a productive discussion of issues that will affect the future financial performance of the target.

Optimum Performance Solutions has never failed to meet our established timelines even when demands of the negotiation process rearrange our priorities! I consider Jon Persky and Optimum Performance Solutions a key part of our successful acquisition strategy.

Allison Rhyne
First Financial Holdings, Inc.
Charleston, SC

My colleagues and I were impressed by Jon’s quick grasp of our unique perpetuation situation. His thoroughness in guiding us through the maze of issues that are a necessary part of such a plan was much appreciated.
We were also impressed by the fact that in spite of Jon’s busy schedule, he was always available for follow-up consultations and advice as we began to put our plan into effect. It goes without saying that we would certainly recommend Jon’s services to anyone needing professional help in the areas of agency perpetuation and valuation.

Pete Marcelli
Atlantic Risk Management Corp.
Columbia, MD